For most businesses, change is continuous and with that comes many common issues, challenges and opportunities. Whatever the nature of the change, be it regulatory, political, acquisitive or people-related, navigating it requires extensive expertise and practical commercial legal advice.

We’ve been there

Over the last 12 months, we have experienced significant changes across our business, including making our first non-legal acquisitions – Gateley Capitus and Gateley Hamer – as well as posting some very strong interim results.

We know that it is paramount for businesses to assess the landscape and understand the business environment before seizing an opportunity and making a change. Preparation ensures that the right decisions are made for the continuous growth and success of the business.

Don’t fail to prepare!

Supporting your business journey

We have created a series of articles, which address some of the common issues that arise when navigating change and what businesses should think about when faced with them. They include:

  • Starting up
  • Raising finance
  • Joint ventures
  • Acquiring a business
  • Selling a business

Click here to download the articles. For more information, email

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